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WHITLINGHAM: Just in case...

7th August 2015

Having got back from Trowse and had some food, I received a message about a possible Purple Heron at Whitlingham, seen in the afternoon. It seemed unlikely, not just because of the rarity and location, but also as I knew a birder had been at Whitlingham earlier in the day and hadn't seen anything unsual. That said, I'd have been pretty annoyed if there was a Purple Heron present and I hadn't looked, so I went to check. I seemed to be the only one looking, which surprised me a bit, but ultimately there was no sign. I stayed until dusk, but the highlights were limited to 2 Grey Herons, 2 Kingfishers and 4 Swifts screeching overhead. Upon my return I saw that the Purple Heron had originally been mentioned on Twitter, but with no photo or details other than that it had been on the far end of the island in the afternoon. Graham has checked this morning (Sat 8th) and there was also no sign then either.

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