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NORWICH: Red velvet mites & more leaf-mines

6th September 2017

The previous day Gary and Alysia had found a Ring-necked Parakeet near their house in Norwich, so after work on Wednesday I went for a walk around Waterloo Park, Drayton Road and the section of Marriott's Way nearby. There was no sign of the parakeet, but as always I found things to keep me occupied. I went over to look at some Tansy, where I found five Red Velvet Mites.

Walking as far as the bridge across to Train Wood, I spotted some Wild Hops growing in the hedge, and decided to check it for leaf mines. This was a good decision as I found Agromyza flaviceps mines, another addition to my fledgeling Agromyzid list. A quick tree check turned up another new mine, that of Aulagromyza populicola.


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