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BRECKLAND: Grime's Graves

30th May 2016

An overcast bank holiday Monday saw Cathy & I head off to the Brecks. We had lunch at Brandon Country Park before having a brief walk around the walled garden and the pond. From here we headed to the English Heritage site at Grime's Graves. I had wanted to visit here for a while to see the odd sunken landscape. If you are not familiar with the place then you can best appreciate it via an aerial shot like this one.

Despite Cathy not liking heights or the idea of descending underground, she plucked up the courage to accompany me down one of the old flint mines. The cloudy weather and wind meant there were hardly any insects around, although we did see a Diamond-back Moth and a Cinnabar Moth. The chalk flora was also rather interesting, with species like Purple Milk-vetch, Common Rock Rose and Wild Thyme present near the visitors' hut.

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