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NORTH NORFOLK: A drizzly day at Holt C.P.

Mid-June 2020

For the second of our post-strict-lockdown family walks we decided to go to Holt Country Park. Unfortunately it was a drizzly day, but we stuck to the plan and had a nice walk around one of my childhood stomping grounds. Rose in particularly enjoyed splashing in some of the semi-permanent puddles that line one of the long rides. The weather meant we didn't see many butterflies, but there was still a smattering of interesting sightings, including a fairly scarce leaf mining moth in Rowan, Stigmella sorbi.

 White-barred Gold
 Mite gall on birch
 Barred Rowan Pigmy (Stigmella sorbi) leaf mine
 Agromyza johannae mine in Broom
 Suillus sp (a type of Bolete)
 Blusher (Amanita rubescens)
Volucella bombylans

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