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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list days 98 to 101 (the last day by day summaries)

DAY 98 - 27th June 2020

A Sphaerophoria hoverfly was present in the back garden, but it was a female, which cannot be assigned to species.

DAY 99 - 28th June 2020

Nothing new added

DAY 100 - 29th June 2020

205. Red Admiral - one flew through the garden

DAY 101 - 30th June 2020

A handful of new additions, plus a fly that looks like it should be fairly distinctive. There were beginnings of a rust on Creeping Buttercup, but with several rusts on that host I've not added that. An Ophiomya sp mine also hasn't made it onto the list.

206. Nemorimyza posticata (leaf mine in Canadian Goldenrod)
207. Dicyphus epilobii (a small bug associated with Great Willowherb)
208. Common Earwig
209. Nephrotoma flavescens (cranefly)
210. Steatoda nobilis (spider)

Given the various milestones - the country no longer being in full lockdown, over 100 days passes and over 200 species seen, I shall continue into July noting the new gardn species seen, but no longer note the day number or post for days when nothing new is added from here onwards.

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