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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list days 81-84 - an aphid on lupins

DAY 81 - 10th June 2020

Nothing new added.

DAY 82 - 11th June 2020

Nothing new added

DAY 83 - 12th June 2020

In between the council mowing the bit of grass out of the front (they shouldn't, but do the whole row of house on the assumption it all needs doing) I keep checking to see if any new flowers have popped up, and indeed on this occasion I could add White Clover and Ribwort Plantain. A Swollen-thighed Beetle was also new for the lockdown list, although it flew off before I could photograph it.

165. White Clover
166. Ribwort Plantain
167. Swollen-thighed Beetle

DAY 84 - 13th June 2020

Cathy's prized Lupins in the back garden had begun to die off, and the flowering spikes were all covered by waxy aphids. I checked the influential points aphids website and was pleased to find that they could be identified, as Macrosiphum albifrons. I also found a beetle under a flowerpot, Calathus melaocephalus, so another two new species for me, something of a purple patch. 

168. Macrosiphum albifrons (aphid)
169. Calathus melaocephalus (beetle)

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