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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list 200 species breakdown

So, 97 days on from the start of my lockdown list I have passed the 200 species mark. How impressive that sounds will largely depend on your own listing experience - if you don't have a garden list then 200 sounds quite a lot, but if you have a big rural garden you might trap that amount of species in a night! I should point out that this hasn't been a full-on bioblitz, and many of the species have been seen simply by wandering around the garden, often with my daughter.

If you want to look back at the species I've recorded then you can go to the 'labels' section of the blog (on the right hand side and scroll down) and click on the 'lockdown list' label.

Anyway, I have produced a breakdown of the first 200 species by category and percentage below.

Also of interest, I check how many of the species were new to the garden, and it was 62/200 (31%), which is quite pleasing. I also looked at how many were new to me, and that was 25 (12.5%), which is also quite a good ratio.

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