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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list day 97 - some more moths

DAY 97 - 26th June 2020

Another go with the moth trap, and numbers had increased a bit, with 15 species of moths. Also in the trap was a Spongefly, a small lacewing-relative that feeds on freshwater sponges, and a Lesser Water-boatman sp. I'm not sure if the water boatman can be identified (it a female, which are harder to key), so it's not included on the list. Ten of the moths were new for the lockdown list, which took me past the 200 mark - I'll post a breakdown of the 200 separately.

 Lesser Water-boatman sp
 Summer Chafer

Sisyra nigra, a Spongefly

Sycamore moth
Buff Arches
Cinnabar moth
Riband Wave
Ancylis achatana
Little Grey
Common Pug
Groundling sp?
Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
Elephant Hawk-moth
Treble Brown-spot
Bee Moth

192. Summer Chafer
193. Sisyra nigra (a spongefly)
194. Sycamore (moth)
195. Buff Ermine
196. Cinnabar Moth
197. Riband Wave
198. Ancylis achatana
199. Little Grey moth
200. Common Pug
201. Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
202. Elephant Hawk-moth
203. Treble Brown-spot
204. Bee Moth

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