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WHITLINGHAM: Swan count and leaf miners

8th August 2016

On Monday morning I headed to Whitlingham to conduct a count of the Mute Swans. Later on in the day Adam Manvell had organised a complete count on the river, so together it would give us a good estimate of the total number in the area. Ideally we were going to check some rings too, but all of the Whitlingham birds bar one sleeping one were on the water, so that didn't work out. I counted 82 adult birds at Whitlingham, plus 5 cygnets across three broods. I tried not to be too distracted by other things, but did note a few leaf miners, including the following:

Cerodontha iraeos (a fly that mines Yellow Flag Iris)
 Phyllocnistis saligna (a moth that mines willows)
Phyllonorycter coryli (a moth that mines Hazel). Note also a Stigmella sp. mine in the bottom centre.

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