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WHITLINGHAM: Trowse Meadows

23rd August 2016

As the hot weather continued I headed down to Trowse for an hour, to have a look for insects on the meadows. I found a promising place to sit where I could see the river and several species of flower, and phased out the droning background noise of work going on across the river. Fish shoaled in the shallows, and a Brown Hawker patrolled just above my head. I noticed that the figwort was Green Figwort, which was a patch tick, and a Lasioglossum bee fed on some Water Mint. A Small Copper was of note, considering I don't see them every year here.

After a while I crossed the road and headed for a walk around the church meadow. I hadn't been here for years, and there wasn't much to see, with only a bit of Ragwort and Knapweed in flower. I checked some Lime tree trunks, finding a couple of Noon Flies, before heading back through through the churchyard and home.

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